Everyday French Chef

aioli 2Everyone loves Julia Child, but why do it the long way when you can create a fabulous French meal in half an hour or less? On The Everyday French Chef, I post easy-to-make French recipes every two weeks — both the classics of French cuisine and modern dishes that reflect today’s lighter, creative cuisine. The site also features interviews and recipes from some of the hottest French chefs in Paris and beyond.

mayonnaiseThe Everyday French Chef explains how to make a French dinner for family or friends in just 20 minutes, as I do at home in my kitchen. It takes a seasonal approach, and goes beyond the traditional repertoire to introduce dishes from elsewhere that appear regularly on modern French tables. There are menu suggestions, tips on ingredients and kitchen equipment, and videos showing how to make essential French sauces like mustard vinaigrette and mayonnaise.

At some point in the future I hope to publish a cookbook based on The Everyday French Chef. It will draw on my professional experience as a chef and cooking teacher in the States and Paris — and will provide a down-to-earth approach to French cooking for anyone, anywhere, who would like to discover how to put delicious French food on their table in the simplest possible way. The cookbook will contain recipes and tips, as well as anecdotes from the life of an everyday chef who has spent nearly 40 years in France as a passionate creator of French cuisine.

logoThat would be me!