‘A wonderful page-turner of a memoir’

frontcoveronlyMeet Mona Venture, a journalist in search of a story — with a happy ending. She’s young, she’s modern, and she’s desperate to solve a problem: how to reconcile her life as an independent woman with her longing for happily-ever-after.

In this exuberant memoir, Meg Bortin recounts her journey from the student protests of America in the ’60s to Paris and love in the ’70s to life on the front lines of news as a reporter in Gorbachev’s Russia. Bortin, an American in Paris, has changed the names of the people portrayed in her story – in order, she says, to protect the guilty. Her alter ego, Mona Venture, crosses paths with the famous and infamous amid many misadventures with men. Sexy, candid and occasionally hilarious, her story will resonate with anyone who has wondered how women of our time have found their way through a minefield of changing roles – and lived to tell the tale.

Desperate to Be a Housewife is now available on Amazon. Click here if you’re in the States, or visit your local Amazon site if you live elsewhere.

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